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September 2020 Newsletter

2020 September Newsletter

SASS Recognition Week

Last week we recognised the work of our School Administrative and Support (SASS) Staff. It was an opportunity for the school to acknowledge the vital role that SAS Staff play in education. School Administrative and Support Staff whether they work in the office, on the school grounds or in a classroom setting, are important contributors to the success of the school and our students’ education. I’d like to thank our wonderful Cronulla Public School SAS Staff for their hard work and dedication in support our teachers, students and parents.

Check-in Assessments Years 3 and 5

This term students in Year 3 and Year 5 will participate in an alternative Reading and Numeracy check-in assessment. The Check-in assessment is a NSW Department of Education online reading and numeracy assessment available to support schools to assess and monitor Year 3 and Year 5 student learning following the period of learning from home. The Check-in assessments can supplement existing school practices to identify how students are performing in literacy and numeracy and to help teachers tailor their teaching more specifically to student needs. Year 5 students completed their assessments last week and Year 3 students will complete their assessments later in the term.

School Access

Parent access to the school site continues to be restricted. Morning drop off and afternoon pick-up arrangements currently in place are to be maintained. A reminder that all gates are closed between 9:45am – 3:10pm. For students who arrive after 9:45am or need to leave school early, parents will need to call the office (9523 5098) and a staff member will meet them at the gate.

Tell Them from Me – Parent Survey

If you haven’t already, please provide a valuable contribution to our school’s evaluation and planning processes by completing the Parent Tell Them From Me Survey by Friday 4 September 2020.


Trent Bridgland

Jersey Day

This Friday is Jersey Day at Cronulla Public School. We are asking all students (and staff) to wear their favourite sporting jersey over their normal school sports uniform. This wonderful day is aimed at beginning the conversation with family, friends and the community about organ donation. Looking forward to seeing everyone in their favourite sports jerseys this Friday, 4th September.

C:\Users\aburden2\Downloads\Jersey Day.PNG

Cronulla Public School will be participating in Jersey Day on Friday 4 September.

We are asking students and staff to wear their favourite sporting jersey and begin the conversation with family, friends and the community about raising awareness on organ donation.

This campaign is all about raising awareness – there is no requirement to raise funds.  Simply wear your favourite sporting jersey to school on Friday 4 September.

Let’s get behind this awesome campaign and have some fun in our jerseys.

Lunch with the Principal

Year 1 and 2 students recently participated in a Literacy Trail adventure organised by Miss Gant. The groups that answered the most questions were rewarded with an invitation to lunch with Mr Bridgland which they thoroughly enjoyed.


Opportunity Class 2021

As a result of the most recent advice from NSW Health, the Opportunity Class

Placement Test has been rescheduled to 18 November 2020. Tests will be

administered in the students’ own schools and high schools won’t be used as test

As a result of the most recent advice from NSW Health, the Opportunity Class Placement Test has been rescheduled to 18 November 2020. Tests will be administered in the students’ own schools and high schools won’t be used as test centres this year. We will contact you with further details as soon as they are available.

Students of the Month

Johnny M (KE) Layla M-J (KC) Jayden D (KC)
Irwin M (KE) Cherie K (KL) Hamish (KC)
Ted O (KE) Ella S (KA) Zali F (KC)
Jeffersen B (KA) Abby T (KL) Lincoln M (KC)
Antonia C (KA) Olive G (KC) Eva M (KA)
Mave W (KL) Memphis M (KE) Charlie W (KC)
Willow R (KE) Zion I (TC)
Anastasia K (KC) Kalea P (KA) Calli Y (1T)
Ella P (1T) Flynn G (1J) Eilena T (1D)
Eden R (1J) Oscar H (1D) Bailey B (1J)
Parker H (1T) Imogen P (1D) India W (1T)
Niamh M (1/2K) Bhintai M (1/2K) Demi S (1/2K)
Ciel K (1/2K) Jett M (1/2K) William G (1/2K)
Amelia E (2M) Timue B (2S) Byron A (2M)
Lucian M (2M) Adam T (2S) Chloe R (2M)
Baze W (2S) Evie E (3S) Sophie H (3T)
Ruby B (3T) Fletcher G (3D) Archie J (3T)
Nina P (3T) Indiya N (3/4H) Hayden O (3/4H)
Mairi P-C (3/4H) Meg D (3/4H) Layla K (4M)
Chole P (4M) Harrison G (4D) Nicole F (4D)
Zsylam L (4D) Andersen E (5B) Trayton H (5B)
Indiana H (5K) Asha H (5B) Tom W (5K)
Xavier F (5B) Siwanat K (6R) Ruby G (6R)
Sophia W (6R) Koby P(6A) Freya E (6A)

Principal Awards

Evie E (4M)

Meg D (3/4H)

Matthew B (3/4H)

Ruby G (6R)

C:\Users\nmunro6\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\63E3JWFJ\stock-vector-vector-illustration-of-gold-shiny-trophy-144273334[1].jpg



Evie E (4M)

Ruby G (6R)

Nights of Reading Congratulations


100 nights of Reading

Jackson T

Lennox E

Viktoria M

Violet M

Natalia C

Abby T

Adam K

175 nights of Reading

Cherie K


100 Nights of Reading

Paisley H

150 Nights of Reading

Jefferson B

Leonardo P

Antonia C

200 Nights of Reading

Oliver T


100 Nights of Reading

Holly K

150 Nights of Reading

Will G

Ciel K

Stage 2 Updates

Please note that Stage 2 PE day has moved to Tuesday and students are requested to wear their sports uniforms on that day. Thank you.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2021


Please ensure all details have been received by school for new enrolments and documentation completed Parents with siblings beginning in 2020 are encouraged to attend to enrolment details asap. Further details regarding the Term 4 Kindergarten transition sessions will be sent prior to the events.

Library News

Book Week

CBCA Store. CBCA Book Week Poster 2020

Due to Covid-19, Book Week has officially been moved to Term 4. At this stage, we are hoping to run both the Book Fair and the Book Character Parade during week 4 of next term. Students will still be exploring shortlisted books during library time this term and next. ‘Book of the Year’ winners are announced in week 2 of term 4.

Stage 1 Literacy Trail Report

Well done to all our Stage 1 students who participated in the Literacy trail adventure trail.

C:\Users\nmunro6\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\Y1JPZYFU\Year 2 (1).jpg

Happy Reading

Miss Gant

Appreciation Week for our School Administration Support Staff

The School Administration and Support Staff were recognised for their contributions to the school during SASS week. A special high tea was thoroughly enjoyed by all. A special thankyou to Miss Gant for organising the morning tea.


Public Speaking

Good luck to all our students presenting their speeches in the upcoming Public Speaking competitions. Although we cannot hold the competitions in the usual format all students are commended for the work they have done in preparing their speeches.

Results will be published in the next newsletter.

Digi-Ed Workshop 2020

The school is providing a wonderful opportunity for Year 4 students to attend a Digi-Ed digital animation workshop on Thursday, 17th September 2020. The workshop will be held at school and directly addresses NSW Curriculum learning outcomes in English and Science & Technology.

Students will learn a variety of hands-on skills in the planning, design and production of digital stop-motion movies from highly trained staff. They will learn skills in story-boarding, set and character design, stop-motion filming, editing, sound integration and final movie production.

At the completion of the workshop, students will receive a copy of their completed digital animation to share with family and friends.

The cost of this experience will be $42.

If you wish for your child to attend the 2020 Digi-Ed workshop, please sign the permission note and return with payment by Tuesday 15 th September 2020.

Waste Free Wednesday

This term the SRC has decided to reintroduce the sustainability initiative “Waste Free Wednesday”.

Every Wednesday, students are encouraged to come to school with a lunch box that is waste free. Waste-free lunches contain only items that are eaten, composted or recycled. They don’t contain wrappers or packaging that will be thrown in the rubbish bin.

The purpose of the Waste-Free Wednesday is to:

  • Help students understand the benefits of a waste-free lunch and to be more aware of
  • over-packaging in food
  • Minimise waste from lunches at school

2nd Hand Uniforms for sale

Excellent quality 2nd Hand uniforms are available at very reasonable prices.Lots of sizes 6 an 8 and girls 2nd hand uniforms.

Please contact Leanne 0414912601


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