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October 2020 Newsletter

2020 October Newsletter

Attendance – SMS Notification

Next term our school will be trialling new functionality to help streamline the reporting of absences. This functionality provides parents and caregivers the ability to instantly explain an absence by replying to the SMS that is sent from the school on the day of the absence.

With this system, it is important to keep your mobile phone number up to date, so please contact the school office to amend this if needed.

If you know in advance that your child will be away from school, please send notification through the school website or SkoolBag app.

Pedestrian Gate – Excelsior Rd











The pedestrian gate in Excelsior Rd has now been automated.
The gate will continue to close each morning at 9.40am and will reopen each afternoon at 3.10pm. Outside of these times, contact can be made with the school office via the intercom.


School Improvement Plan 2021-2024

All schools across NSW are beginning the processes to develop a new school improvement plan for the next 4 years. The Executive team, alongside the staff, have been analysing data, completing surveys and discussing internal data to devise a situational analysis which will be the basis of our School Improvement Plan. Thank you to the parents who recently completed the Parent Tell Them From Me survey as this information will also assist in identifying future school directions.

COVID Term 4 Update

During the school holiday break, we are likely to get an update as to what Term 4 will look like and if any restrictions are still in place. I am hopeful that this update provides advice regarding school activities including the Year 6 Farewell and Presentation Evening. I will forward this information to all families via SkoolBag when I receive it.

Wishing you all a well deserved break with our students.

School resumes Monday 12 October.


Trent Bridgland

School Photos – Wednesday 14th October Week 1

School photos will be taken on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October. We will begin with family photos at 8:30am in the hall followed by individual and class photos (no parent please). There will be Year 6, School PSSA sporting teams (including girls’ soccer, AFL), extra-curricular (including band, Run Club) and Captains and Prefects photos.

Parents have the option to pay online through the Don Wood Photography website or send the envelope to school with the cash enclosed. Go to: using our unique school code 168217 which you use to pay online or access team/group photos. 

Please note: all online sibling photograph orders must be placed BEFORE 11:59pm Tuesday 13th October  2020  otherwise payment will need to be made with a red Family Order Envelope with the correct cash prior to or on the day.​

Any special groups/team photos can also be ordered online once the photos have been taken.

Prices for packages start from $34 to $40. Family and team/group photos are available for $15.

Further details are included at the end of the newsletter.

Students of the Month

Sammy L (KE) Ashlea G (KE) Sebastian B (KE)
Paisley H (KA) Lennox E (KL) Lara F-S (KC)
Aria W (KA) Naia B (KL) Emily L (KC)
Violet M (KL) Sailor M (KL) Luca D (KL)
Dare J (KC) Leo H (1J) Mason E (1/2K)
Alex P (1K) Jaks T (1D) Hayden J (1J)
Sonny B (1/2K) Evee W (1J) Amarlya M (1D)
Olga W (1/2K) Riley M (2M) Denzel C (2S)
Kaydon M (2T) Florence L (2M) Lawson M (2M)
Georgia P (3T) Jacob C (3/4H) Zoe M (3T)
Luke P (4D) Jai B (4D) x 2 Luanne C (4M)
Zsa Zsa Z (4M) Axel Z (4D) Lachlan M (4D)
Indy C (4D) Hayden M (4M) Xavier F (5B)
MacKenzie G (5K) Ella P (5B) Braxton M (5B)
Olivia M (5B) Willow J (5B) Jovan K (5K) x 3
Lana N (KA) Bray S (1/2K)

Principal Awards

  • Leo H (1J)
  • Zoe M (3T)
  • Jovan K (5K)

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2021


Please ensure all details have been received by school for new enrolments and documentation completed Parents with siblings beginning in 2021 are encouraged to attend to enrolment details asap.

Nights of Reading Congratulations


100 nights of Reading : Elle, Ashton


100 nights of Reading : Layla M, Millie T, Anastasia K

150 Nights of Reading :Jayden D

200 Nights of Reading : Emily L


100 nights of Reading : Molly R, Samantha L, Ted O

150 Nights of Reading : Ashlea G, Indigo T

200 Nights of Reading : Memphis M​


100 nights of Reading : Luca DF, Marvin V, Banjo M, Naia B

150 Nights of Reading : Violet M

200 Nights of Reading : Cherie K


100 nights of Reading : Hayden, Evie L, Everleigh, Glen

150 Nights of Reading : Bailey, Olivia, Jacob


100 + nights of Reading:

Mannix H, Amelie E, Lawson F, Chloe R, Lily H, Kallen V, Riley M, Charlotte S

150 + Nights of Reading: Byron A, Peter K, Florence L, Lawson M

200 + Nights of Reading: Lucian M, Joesph G

Athletics Carnival

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 will be attending the Cronulla Public School Athletics Carnival at Sylvania Waters Athletics Field on Wednesday 21st October 2020. Students who are 8 years or above will have the opportunity to join the Primary carnival and compete in track and field events. Students under 8 years will participate in modified events and activities. There will not be a Cronulla Zone Athletics Carnival this year.

Due to COVID-19, parents and spectators are unable to attend the carnival. Departmental advice states that parents or spectators must not attend sporting events, collect their child/children from a venue/s or watch from outside the fence (even in a vehicle). Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Please ensure permission notes and payment is returned as soon as possible.
We are looking forward to a fun and eventful carnival

Summer Uniforms

A reminder that all students return to summer uniforms for Term 4.

Please note that summer school uniform is worn for the School Photos.

As part of the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) principles, attention to wearing the correct uniform is expected. This includes the white ankle socks for girls and full black shoes. All students require a school hat for sun protection. Please ensure all items are labelled clearly.

Thank you for your support in ensuring all students are wearing the school uniform.

Public Speaking School Competition

Congratulations to all of our contestants in the 2020 CPS Public Speaking competition! Teachers and students were thrilled to ‘zoom’ in to cheer you all on and be your audience. Awards will be presented at next week’s assembly.



Early Stage 1 (Kindergarten)

Winner: Antonia C

Runners Up: Memphis M and Kai B

Finalists : Ashlea G, Archer M, Anastasia K, Millie T, Violet M




Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2 )

Winner: Mia H

Runner Up: Mannix H

Finalists: Summer R, Alice A, Cooper M, Denzel C, Oliver W


Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4 )

Winner: Daisie W

Runner Up: Lachlan T

Finalists : Meg D, Zac L, Hayden O, Hayden M, Sonny B , Harlow A, Zara O




Stage 3 ( Years 5 and 6 )

Winner : Freya E

Runner Up – Eyerus H

Finalists: Zoe M , Georgia T, Elise M, Harrison R, Luis D, Willow J

Digi Ed

Year 4 had the opportunity to plan, make and film their very own claymation during the incursion Digi Ed. They enjoyed using clay to construct their own characters and thrived off using technology to make their projects come to life with sound effects. What a wonderful experience!
















Kindergarten Term 3

Kindergarten have been super busy this term turning their classrooms in an Aquarium as part of their Project Based Learning topic ‘Under the Sea’. Our classrooms are looking amazing and we are so excited to share our virtual tour with you next week! Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Skoolbag at the end of Week 10.

This term Kindergarten have also been working hard on consolidating their single sounds and vowel digraphs! Did you know that oo and oo make two different sounds!? The Kindergarten teachers are beyond proud of how much progress the students have made this term.

In Maths, Kindergarten have been busy learning about friends of 10, place value, money, time, fractions, data and of course doing LOTS of number work!

This term, Kindergarten were lucky enough to have Miss Jenna come in each Friday and teach dance. It has been wonderful to see Kindergarten improve each week as they gained confidence and learnt new dance moves.

The Kindergarten teachers would like to say a big thank you for joining in on Zoom for parent teacher interviews. It was wonderful to be able to share with  you the amazing work that your children are doing at school each day! We are very excited and already a little sad about moving into our last Term with our kindy superstars!

Enjoy your holidays and stay safe.

No broken bones please!

Kelsey, Laura, Alex and Abby









Jersey Day

On Friday 4th September, Cronulla Public School participated in Jersey Day. We asked all students and staff to wear their favourite sporting jerseys. This wonderful day was aimed at beginning the conversation with our families, friends and the community about organ donation. A day of colours, stripes and badges, wearing the jerseys with pride, each staff and student got behind this wonderful and life changing initiative. Cronulla Public School is proud and thankful of everyone’s support.

Well done everyone!

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\GQHYMNMU\Jersey Day 1.jpeg

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\49QWK40Z\Jersey Day 2.jpeg

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\49QWK40Z\Jersey Day 3.jpeg

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\KX06S0WB\Jersey Day 4.jpeg

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\GQHYMNMU\Jersey Day 5.jpeg

Library News

Thank you, Beebe School - Beebe School

Thank you!

A huge thank you to Ms Oxton (Lana’s mum KA) who looked into a diverse range of books that we were lacking in our library. We are always trying to update our library to suit the needs of our students and families and our teachers and also keep our Wellbeing Library updated and applicable.

A huge thank you must also go to our wonderful P&C who have covered the cost of these new books. The support of the P&C is always appreciated.

NSW Premier's Reading Challenge 2021 : More

Premier’s Reading Challenge

Covid-19 certainly didn’t make it too easy to complete the PRC this year! Thank you and well done to the hundreds of students who began and attempted the Challenge despite this. The names of students who completed the Challenge for 2020 are listed below. Congratulations to these students. We will celebrate your efforts in the library when the time is right.


Kai, Cherie, Emily, Lincoln, Violet, Ted, Hugo, Abby and Mave

Year 1:

Levi, Oscar, Jacob, Ashton, Summer, Dallas, Olivia

Year 2:

Piper, Mia, Lily, Ciel, Peter, Indiana, Florence, Tyson, Lawson, Lucian, Adam, Kallen, Kobe, Baze, Olga

Year 3:

Sophie, Olivia

Year 4:

Laila, Matthew, Zac, Nicole, Layla, Chloe, Kash, Maria, Hayden, Genn

Year 5:

Bella, Lucy, Willow, Zak, Georgia

Year 6:

Krystal, Joshua, Rimu, Milosz

Please note: Students who have not completed the Challenge this year (2020) will not be disadvantaged from achieving cumulative PRC awards in the future.

Story and Surprise

We were able to start Story and Surprise again this term but just with Kindergarten. Year 1, you will be included again as soon as restrictions change. It has been great to see so many keen Kindy faces lining up each Monday ready for their story and of course, their surprise.

You Mean My Library Books are Overdue? - Skeptical Dog | Make a Meme

Overdue Books and Thank You

Thank you so much to the students and families who have searched for, and returned overdue books. We have quite a number of books overdue that were borrowed around the time we headed home for online learning so it is completely understandable that these have been misplaced or forgotten about. Please continue to keep an eye out for library books and return them to the library at any time.

Happy Reading

Miss Gant

Waste Free Wednesday

This term the SRC has decided to reintroduce the sustainability initiative “Waste Free Wednesday”.

Every Wednesday, students are encouraged to come to school with a lunch box that is waste free. Waste-free lunches contain only items that are eaten, composted or recycled. They don’t contain wrappers or packaging that will be thrown in the rubbish bin.

The purpose of the Waste-Free Wednesday is to:

  • Help students understand the benefits of a waste-free lunch and to be more aware of
  • over-packaging in food
  • Minimise waste from lunches at school

2nd Hand Uniforms for sale

Excellent quality 2nd Hand uniforms are available at very reasonable prices.Lots of sizes 6 an 8 and girls 2nd hand uniforms.

Please contact Leanne 0414912601

Opportunity Class 2021

As a result of the most recent advice from NSW Health, the Opportunity Class

Placement Test has been rescheduled to 18 November 2020. Tests will be

administered in the students’ own schools and high schools won’t be used as test

As a result of the most recent advice from NSW Health, the Opportunity Class Placement Test has been rescheduled to 18 November 2020. Tests will be administered in the students’ own schools and high schools won’t be used as test centres this year. We will contact you with further details as soon as they are available.


Term 3
Week 10
Fri 25th Sept Last Day Term 3
Term 4
Week 1
Mon 12th Oct Students Return
Wed 14th Oct School Photos
Thurs 15th Oct School Photos
Week 2
Wed 21st Oct K-6 Athletics Carnival
Week 4
Tues 3rd Nov Nov Newsletter
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Tues 1st Dec Dec Newsletter
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Wed 16th Dec Students last day
Thurs 17th Dec Staff development day
Fri 18th Dec Staff development day


School Photos

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

School photos will be taken on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th October. We will begin with family photos at 8:30am in the hall followed by individual and class photos (no parent please). There will be Year 6, School PSSA sporting teams (including girls’ soccer, AFL), extra-curricular (including band, Run Club) and Captains and Prefects photos. The cut off date to order family photos is the Monday 28th October by 12pm. They will accept cash if you miss the cut off. Please see payment method below.

School Photos Coordinator

Mrs Williamson

Deputy Principal

Individual/class photos

Option 1


Place correct cash in the envelope provided with your child’s name, class and package required clearly written on the envelope prior to 14th October.
Option 2


Order online through the Don Wood website using a PC or Laptop on using our unique school code 168217

1. Go to


3. Type the school code 168217 into the Orange box on the left hand side of the screen which says SCHOOL CODE.

4. Home page for Cronulla Public School will appear.

5. Click on the dark blue box- Order pre-paid packages- (ORDER NOW)

6. Enter your child’s details- click NEXT and click on the package you wish to purchase.

7. Scroll down to the very bottom- click NEXT etc etc etc.

Please do not pay online through the school website as this money is collected by the company not the school.

If you order online via the NO envelope is required to be brought back to the school.

Family photographs

Option 1


Place correct cash in the red envelope which is provided for you at the school office. Please return these to the school office.

You may also give this envelope to your child on the day of photographs to be handed directly to the photographers when they have their photo taken.

If you don’t get a chance to get a red family photo envelope please fill out a regular envelope clearly marked with the eldest child’s name, class, and option you wish to purchase including the correct cash.

Option 2


Order online through the Don Wood website on with our unique school code 168217

Begin this process the same as ordering individual/class photos as above.

There is a cut-off date for family online orders.

Family orders online must be done BEFORE 12pm the night before school photographs are to be taken at the school.

If you order online NO envelope is required to be brought back to the school.

Leadership/ Extracurricular photographs

Option 1


Group photographs can be purchased AFTER the school photographs have come back to the school.

The group photographs can be viewed up on the online portal when school photographs are delivered back to the school.

The code to purchase will be the same code used for individual/class photos 168217

1. Go to


3. Type the school code 168217 into the Orange box on the left hand side of the screen which says SCHOOL CODE.

4. Home page for Cronulla Public school will appear.

5. Click on Group photos at the middle top of the screen.