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November 2020 Newsletter

November Newsletter 2020

World Teachers’ Day

Last Friday was World Teachers’ Day. This is a day to celebrate and be proud of our teachers. Our school is very lucky to have such a dedicated and highly professional staff that deeply care about our students, making sure their academic and wellbeing needs are at the centre of all their decisions.

I could not be more proud of the staff at our school.

School Evaluation and Planning 2021-2024

Over the past three months, our staff has engaged in a process of evaluation to understand the needs of our school. This evaluation has allowed for the development of a rich situational analysis which identifies the improvement priorities of the school for the next four years.

A summary of the situational analysis and how the process was undertaken can be found as a brief video here.

If you would like to contribute to the formation of our new school vision and school context statements for our 2021-2024 school plan, a short survey can be accessed here.

SMS Absences

This term we have been trialling SMS notifications for student absences. While we are still fine-tuning our procedures, so far we have seen that the introduction of SMS communication has assisted to reduce the number of unexplained student absences and is helping to inform the school and parents as to the whereabouts of every student.

If you know the day before that your child will be away from school, you can still send notification through the school website or SkoolBag app.

Staff Development Days

We have been advised by the Department that from 2021 school development days will occur on the first two days of Term 1, the first day of terms 2 and 3 and the last day of the school year. This means that students in Years 1-6 will commence school on Friday 29 January 2021 and Kindergarten will begin on Tuesday 2 February.


Trent Bridgland

Remembrance Day

Unfortunately, COVID restrictions will prevent us from gathering as a school community this year to commemorate Remembrance Day. However, classes will still stop their learning at the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11 month to honour those serving, those who have served and those who have fallen.

To assist with their understanding of the day we are hoping to show the students a video featuring their family members and friends who have served or served in the Defence Force. There will be discussion in class about why we commemorate this important day.

If you have a photo that you would like included in the video presentation please email it to Mr. McKimm via by Wednesday 4th November.​

Special thanks to Mr McKimm and Miss Cropp for organising this special video.


Please remember to follow the rules for the “No Parking” zone outside the school. Parents are only permitted to wait for two minutes to pick up their child and must stay within three metres of the vehicle at all times. If your child is not ready within two minutes parents need to leave so that other parents can pick their children up. There have been issues recently with cars waiting in the zone for too long and traffic banking up around the corner. We have been advised that Council parking officers will be continue to monitor the area.

Driving and parking safely near the school

The beginning and end of the school day are busy times for pedestrians and drivers outside schools.

You can help keep children safe by remembering the following:

  • drop your child off and pick them up on the school side of the road
  • never call out to them from across the road – it is very dangerous
  • always take extra care in 40km school zones
  • follow all parking signs – these help keep your child as safe as possible
  • park responsibly even if it means you have to walk further to the school gate
  • never double park – it is illegal and puts children at risk
  • never do a U-turn or a three point turn outside the school as it puts children at risk of harm
  • model safe and considerate pedestrian and driver behaviours to your child
  • always give way to pedestrians particularly when entering and leaving driveways.

School Zone Traffic offences

To help schools keep the school zone safer for all pedestrians and drivers there are seven new traffic infringements with new fines.
None of the seven offences attract demerit points when committed elsewhere on the road but in a school zone they each come with two points.
The changes are:
1. Stopping in intersection – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a penalty of $439 and 2 demerit points.
2. Stop within 20m of intersection (traffic lights) – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a penalty of $439 and 2 demerit points.
3. Stop within 10m of intersection (no traffic lights) – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a penalty of $439 and 2 demerit points.

4. Stop near bicycle crossing lights – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a penalty of $439 and 2 demerit points.
5. Obstruct access to ramp/path/passageway – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a penalty of $330 and 2 demerit points.
6. Not parallel park in the direction of travel – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a $330 fine and 2 demerit points.
7. Parallel park close to dividing line – Under the changes if a driver commits this offence in a school zone they will receive a $330 fine and 2 demerit points.

All updated school zone offences can be located through Roads and Maritime:

Staff Professional Development

Staff have now completed their additional 6 hours of Professional Learning in Semester 2. This additional Professional Learning is in lieu of the second Staff Professional Development Day at the end of Term4. Notification and approval by the Director for the change was previously published in Term 2.

Staffing Updates

We are very pleased to announce that Miss Kristen Gant has been appointed to Cronulla Public School by transfer as the Teacher Librarian.

Also congratulations to Mr Dean who has been appointed Assistant Principal Yamba Public School 2021.


2021 Class Planning

As planning for 2021 is already underway, it is very important to ensure you have notified the office of any siblings that will enrol next year or if you are moving. Your prompt attention to this information is appreciated.

2021 Class Supply Lists

Due to the supply demands for retailers and possible shortages forecast for January stock. The school will include the class supply lists for 2021 in the December newsletter.

Year 6 Fundraiser

The Year 6 Jolly Soles fundraiser is raising funds for the Year 6 farewell. A range of designs of bright colourful socks in both adult and children’s sizes are available for purchase form Year 6 or the school office.

The socks are $8 a pair and all funds raised will go towards the Year 6 Farewell.

Kindergarten 2021 Orientation Mornings


Session 2 Tuesday 10th November @ 10am

Please ensure all details have been received by school for new enrolments and documentation completed. Parents with siblings beginning in 2020 are encouraged to finalise enrolment details ASAP.


2021 BYOD Parent Information Session

On Thursday 12th November at 6pm, Cronulla Public School will host an online information session on BYOD for the parents of children in Years 3, 4 and 5 this year. This evening will explore how technology is being embedded into the classroom as a result of BYOD.

What is BYOD? 
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to students bringing a personally-owned electronic communication device, e.g. laptop to school for the purpose of learning. Cronulla Public School recognises the need to prepare students for a rapidly-changing world where technology plays an increasing role in students’ everyday lives. In 2021, children in Years 4, 5 and 6 will be invited to bring a suitable learning device, such as a laptop, to school for learning purposes.

The meeting will be held over Zoom at the following link and will be recorded:

Meeting ID: 686 1271 2587

Passcode: 196434

This session will cover:

  • What is BYOD and why BYOD?
  • Examples of use in the classroom – G Suite for Education
  • Recommended devices and specifications
  • Question and answer session

If you have any specific questions you would like answered at the meeting, please complete the slip below and return to the school office by Thursday 5th October.

Please feel free to contact the school should you have any questions or concerns.


Students of the Month

Viktoria M (KL) Leonardo P (KA) Ashton B (KA)
Edie D (KE) Oliver F (KA) Indigo T (KE)
Bohdi C (KC) Maxwell P (KE) Bohdi D (1/2K)
Nicole C (1J) Kale B (2S) Joseph GC (2M)
Owen O (3T) Anita B (3T) Chloe L (3/4H)
Harlow A (4D) Grace M (4M) Zoe F (3/4H)
Kash L (4D) Luka O (5K) Luke H (5B)
Blake S (6A) Noah C (TC) Ren W (KA)
Jacob K (1J) Luke G (KC) Zac C (4M)
Boyd B (5B) Sonny B (5B) Olivia O (3T)`
Jackson T (KL) Oliver C (1D) Ryder W (1T)
Saulei G (6A) Luka T (1T) Elouise F (5B)
Daisy F (KA) Weronika M (5K) Banjo M (KL)
Archer M (KL) Perrin B (4M) Mackenzie J (KL)
Hugo S (KA) Marvin V (KL) Boston H (1T)
Rimu O (6R) Emma O (1T) Brax P (1B)
Byron A (2M) Lennox U (KA)

Principal Awards

  • Bohdi D (1/2K)
  • Oliver C (1D)
  • Nicole C (1J)
  • Ryder W ( 1T)
  • Byron A (2M)
  • Olivia O (3T)
  • Kash L (4D)
  • Thomas W (5K)
  • Oliver M (5B)
  • Sonny B (5B)

Trophy Winners

  • Sonny B (5B)

Principal’s Letters of Commendation

Congratulations to all the students who have received a Term 3 Principal Commendation Letter. One child per class is selected twice a year for a Commendation Letter which is sent to their parents. Students are acknowledged and commended for demonstrating the Positive Behaviour for learning values of Safety, Respect and Learning. Well done students!

TC –       James A

KA –       Oliver F

KC –       Poppy P

KE –       Willow R

KL –       Viktoria M

1D –       William B

1J –        Judah S

1T –       Emelia M

1/2K –   Bhintai M

2M –      Piper A

2S –       Avery F

3D –      Skye K

3T –       Aryana E

3/4H –  Jacob C

4D –      Sienna P

4M –    Lachlan W

5B –      Finn F

5K –      Lucy H

6A –     Bojessi A

6R –     Kye D

Library  – Lucian M

K-2 Days of reading


150 DAYS:

  • Paisley H
  • Daisy F

200 DAYS:

  • Antonia C
  • Leonardo P

250 DAYS

  • Oliver F


250 Days 206 Days 216 Days 232 Days

  • Georgia W Amarlya M Oscar H Eilena T


100 Days

  • Adam T

Selective High School 2022 entry procedures

Selective high schools cater for academically gifted students with high potential who may otherwise be without sufficient classmates at their own academic standard. Selective high schools help these students to learn by grouping them with students of similar ability, and by using specialised teaching methods.

Applications for selective high school placement are considered mainly on the basis of the Selective High School Placement Test results and school assessment scores. The Selective High School Placement Test will be held on Thursday 11 March 2021.

If you would like to have your child considered for Year 7 selective high school entry in 2022, you need to apply on the internet using a valid email address (not the student’s email address).

Detailed instructions on how to apply online will be available in late September 2020 at

The application website opens at that link on 6 October 2020 and closes on 9 November 2020. You must apply before the closing date.

There are no paper application forms. If you do not have internet access, you could apply at a public library. If you have a disability that prevents you from using a computer, you can contact the Team for assistance after 6 October 2020.

You must submit only ONE application for each student.

Sport Athletics Carnival

What a great day we had at the Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to all students for your involvement on the day and your wonderful sportsmanship. It was great to see so many smiling faces.

Junior Boys LJ 1 Brax L
2 Xavier F
3 Kash L
11yr Boys LJ 1 Charlie R
2 Tane R
3 Zak P
Senior Boys LJ 1 Koby P
2 Zion P
3 Blake S
Junior Boys HJ 1 Xavier F
2 Lorenzo B
3 Genn O
11yr Boys HJ 1 Zak P
2 Beau D
3 Isaac H
Senior Boys HJ 1 Blake S
2 Sol B
3 Zion P
Junior Boys Discus 1 Xavier F
2 ZinZan P
3 Zac K
11yr Boys Discus 1 Zak P
2 Charlie R
3 Mika B
Senior Boys Discus 1 Saulei G
2 Koby P
3 Zion P
Junior Boys Shot 1 ZinZan P
2 Van W
3 Ohio P
11yr Boys Shot 1 Mika B
2 Braxton M
3 Charlie R
Senior Boys Shot 1 Te L
2 Saulei G
3 Kody S

Congratulations to the following students who received a place:

Junior Girls LJ 1 Sophie H
2 Luanna C
3 Chloe L
11yr Girls LJ 1 Charli O
2 Elise M
3 Freya E
Senior Girls LJ 1 Eyerus H
2 Paris D
3 Zoe B
Junior Girls HJ 1 Sophie H
2 Willow J
3 Asher K
11yr Girls HJ 1 Olivia M
2 Charli O
3 Freya E
Senior Girls HJ 1 Eyerus H
2 Zoe B
3 Emelia S
3 Madison A
Junior Girls Discus 1 Vivienne B
2 Meg D
3 Sophie H
11yr Girls Discus 1 Freya E
2 Charli O
3 Olivia M
Senior Girls Discus 1 Eyerus H
2 Zoe B
3 Gracie G
Junior Girls Shot 1 Meg D
2 Caiden H
3 Christina B
11yr Girls Shot 1 Charli O
2 Freya E
3 Jennifer B
Senior Girls Shot 1 Zoe B
2 Gracie G
3 Eyerus H


T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2020\November\Athletics\IMG_1264.jpg

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2020\November\Athletics\IMG_1256.jpg

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2020\November\Athletics\IMG_1184.jpg

K-2 Results

Year 2 G 80m
1 Amelie E 2M
2 Ivy S 1/2K
3 Charlotte S 2M
Year 2 B 80m
1 Lawson M 2M
2 Lawson F 2M
3 Bray S 1/2K
Year 1 G 50m
1 Ciera C 1D
2 Matilda P 1D
3 India W 1T
Year 1 B 50m
Cooper B 1J
Jacob K 1J
Kiva L 1D
Kindy B 50m
1 Memphis M KE
2 Kade M KA
3 Bodhi C KC
Kindy G 50m
Antonia C KA
Elle S KA
Samantha L KE
8 year girls 100m
1 Sienna B 2M
2 Riley McH 2M
3 Alice A 2M
8 Year Boys 100m
1 Mannix H 2M
2 River M 2S
3 Peter K 2M

100m 200m

JNRG 1 Sophie H
2 Piper R
3 Sienna P
4 Maria L
JNRB 1 ZinZan P
2 Cash L
3 Brax L
4 Hayden M
11YG 1 Olivia M
2 Charli O
3 Asha H
4 Freya E
11YB 1 Charlie R
2 Tane R
3 Zak P
4 Koby B
SNRG 1 Eyerus H
2 Paris M
3 Zoe B
4 Olive J
SNRB 1 Koby P
2 Zion P
3 Ben A
4 Blake S


8YG 1 Sienna B
2 Riley M
3 Alice A
8YB 1 Mannix H
2 River M
3 Peter K
9YG 1 Sophie H
2 Vivienne B
3 Ella G
9YB 1 Brax L
2 Colin M
3 Shadon M
10YG 1 Piper R
2 Sienna P
3 Lily A
10YB 1 ZinZan P
2 Cash L
3 Xavier F
11YG 1 Charli O
2 Olivia M
3 Elise M
11YB 1 Charlie R
2 Zak P
3 Tane R
12YG 1 Eyerus H
2 Paris D
3 Zoe B
12YB 1 Kobe P
2 Zion P
3 Ben A

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2020\November\Athletics\IMG_1194.jpg


JNRG 1 Sophie H
2 Elody L
3 Ella P
JNRB 1 ZinZan P
2 Cash L
3 Van W
11YG 1 Olivia M
2 Georgia T
3 Indiana H
11YB 1 Tane R
2 Zak P
3 Charlie R
SNRG 1 Eyerus H
2 Sophie W
3 Paris D-M
SNRB 1 Ben A
2 Blake S
3 Josh M

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2020\November\Athletics\IMG_0958.jpg

T:\Teacher\NEWSLETTERS\Newsletters 2020\November\Athletics\IMG_1066.jpg

Band Recruitment 2021

The 2021 recruitment meeting for Year 3 was held last week and the follow up meeting will be next Monday 9th.

Please notify Miss Barter or Engadine Music if you are interested in participating in the band program for next year.

Library News

This week at CPS we are celebrating Book Week. Students have been enjoying some of the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) shortlisted books and have completed various activities relating to these.

Book Week involves:

Scholastic Book Fair Coming Soon! | Toorak Primary School

The Scholastic Book Fair

Students have brought home an order form along with instructions on how to purchase from the Book Fair this year. Due to Covid restrictions there can be no parents, grandparents or carers visiting the Book Fair but all students will have the opportunity to peruse the books that are for sale and photos with prices will be on facebook, SkoolBag and via email. We appreciate that this is not an ideal situation but thank you in advance for your support of our Book Fair.


Books clipart parade, Books parade Transparent FREE for download on WebStockReview 2020

Book Character Parade

Our K-6 Book Character parade will be happening on Wednesday! It has been wonderful hearing excited students tell what they are planning and what costumes they will be wearing. A big thank you must go to the amazing adults who are helping create this excitement. Thank you for planning, shopping, searching, sewing, hot glue-gunning and whatever else you have had to do to make this happen. We look forward to a seeing our book characters on the day.

Each student will vote in their class for a ‘Class Favourite’. The student with the most votes will win a book prize.


There have been some competitions happening in the Library, including guessing how many books are in the Library, leading up to Book Week and others will be happening during the week.

Book Fair

Our Book Fair will be a little different this year, due to current restrictions, however we hope to make it just as amazing. Thank you for supporting the fair.

Every purchase earns our school Scholastic points to buy fantastic new books for our Library!

This is how it will work:

STEP 1: Have a look at the Book Fair photos included to browse all the titles we have available this year.

STEP 2: Decide which books you would like to purchase, complete the Order Form including title, case number, quantity and price per book and add up the total cost. (Students should have brought an order form home on Monday)

STEP 3: All credit card payments are to be made online this year as parents are unable to visit the Book Fair. Visit

STEP 4: Complete the details for our state, school name, your name and total payment amount and select ‘Make Payment’. (You do not need to select your books on line- you only pay for the total amount) See the image below for more details.


STEP 5: After completing payment online, record your 8 digit receipt number (from the Westpac payment acceptance screen), amount paid and contact details on the Order Form.

STEP 6: Send the completed Order Form to class teachers by Friday 6th November.

STEP 7: Receipt number is checked with Scholastic and books are given to your child if in stock, or ordered and distributed as soon as they arrive. GIFT ORDERS If you would like to order books as a secret gift, please clearly write GIFT at the top of a separate Order Form, pop it into a sealed envelope and send it to school. These books will be put aside for collection in the Office and we will notify you via phone when the order is ready.

Please note that due to restrictions this year, decisions are final- we cannot return/refund books for change of mind once they have been taken home. Thank you for your understanding.

All orders must be returned to school by Friday 6th November.

Happy BOOK WEEK everybody!

Have a great week and keep reading!

Miss Kristen Gant

Teacher Librarian







Stage 1 Maths Fun

Money, money, money! On Friday 1D, 1J, 1T and 1/2K shopped till they dropped when their classes turned into pop up shops. Students used the skills and knowledge they learned throughout the week to buy items and sell items. Well done to all the students involved!





2nd Hand Uniforms for Sale

2nd Hand Uniforms call Leanne 0414912601 all sizes summer/ winter good condition from $10.

Uniform donations are now being taken for boy’s and girl’s uniforms. Thank you.



Term 4
Week 4
2nd – 6th Nov BOOK WEEK
Tues 3rd Nov Nov Newsletter
Wed 4th Nov Book Parade and Finn’s Birthday
Week 5
Mon 9th – Fri 13th Nov NAIDOC WEEK
Tues 10th Nov Kindergarten 2021 Transition Session 2 10.00am
Wed 11th Nov Remembrance Day
Week 6
Mon 16th Nov All Dance classes finish this week
Thurs 19th Nov Year 6 school camp experience
Week 7
Wed 25th Nov Last Scripture lessons
Thurs 26th Nov Science Day
Week 8
Tues 1st Dec Dec Newsletter
Week 9
Tues 8th Dec Year 6 Farewell 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Thurs 10th Dec Presentation Day Assemblies
Thurs 10th Dec Semester 2 reports home
Week 10
Mon 14th Dec K-5 celebration sessions
Mon 14th Dec Year 6 Movie Day
Tues 15th Dec Year 6 Surf Awareness
Wed 16th Dec Students last day
Thurs 17th Dec Staff development day
Fri 18th Dec AMENDED Staff development day due to equivalent Professional Learning time being completed in after hours in Term 3 and Term 4.


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