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August 2020 Newsletter

2020 August Newsletter

We have had a wonderful start to Term 3. Thank you to all our families who have continued to support the safety guidelines put in place to ensure the safety of all. It is important we continue to follow the established routines, particularly at drop off and pick up times. If you need to meet with your child’s teacher please make an appointment, as we are asking that all adults leave the playground as soon as possible at drop off and pick up times. A reminder that students should not be playing in the playground or on play equipment after the school bell.

While we are still operating under COVID restrictions, it has been great to have been able to resume some of the additional activities that add to the rich learning experiences our students are used to.

Education Week

This week marks our celebration of Public Education. The achievements of public education and local schools are highlighted during the week, with an emphasis on our students, our educators and the communities that support them.

The theme for this year is ‘Learning Together’ and never has a theme for Education Week been more relevant. While our usual Open Day during Education Week cannot occur, our teachers and students will be sharing things throughout the week with our school community to celebrate the hard work of our students and to show some of the great things happening at Cronulla Public School.

2021 – 2024 School Planning Cycle

Over the next three terms our school will be writing our new school plan. We are starting with a whole school situational analysis of what we will do well and areas we need to improve in. This plan will drive teacher professional development and programs across the school over the next four years. Students, staff and parents will all have the opportunity to provide feedback on what we are doing well, where we can improve and what they would like to see included in the next school plan.


This term we welcome back Mrs Lockie Opperman from maternity leave. Mrs Opperman will be working with Years 5 and 6 this semester.


Invoices will be sent home this week. Please don’t hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions.


Trent Bridgland


Parent / Teacher Term 3 Interviews

Remote Parent / Teacher Interviews will be held in Week 7 beginning Monday 31st August.

Online bookings will be available on our website from 17th August until 28th August. 

Components of reporting on student progress include an interview for all parents and a written report at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.

Due to current restrictions remote parent teacher interviews will be held in Week 7 (Monday 31st August – 4th September). Parents will be allocated a ZOOM meeting link and password to access the online meeting with their child’s teacher. Further details and links will be forwarded the week before the interview.

Parents/carers will need to book interview timeslots online on the school website at To book, select a class/teacher from the dropdown menu, then a date and time from the calendar below and follow the prompts to create a booking. Please note you will receive an email confirmation. Your interview timetable will be automatically emailed to you.

Please note online interview bookings will be available through our website from Monday 17th August.

Parents can change their interview bookings any time prior to the closing date. Remember to use the same name and email address that was used in the original booking.

The school encourages students to focus on self-assessment and to reflect on their learning. To foster this, students in Years 5 – 6 (Stage 3) will be invited to participate in 3-way interviews where the student is present for part of the interview. Part of each interview however will be set aside for discussion without the student present.


Peer Support

This term students at Cronulla Public School will be participating in the Peer Support Mentoring program. The program aims to develop student’s social connectedness and create a sense of belonging within supportive peer networks by providing positive role models, positive peer influences and opportunities which help young people to develop a positive self-concept, self-acceptance and high self-esteem. Students in Stage 3 will lead a group of 10 students in a range of activities to help promote and develop student resilience.

Phonics Screening Check Trial

Students in Year 1 will undertake a one on one phonics assessment administered by their teacher in week 4 of Term 3. This is a trial at this stage but will provide additional information about how your child is progressing in phonics. Please see the attachment for further information.

Students of the Month

Billy B (1D) Boston H (1J) Olivia W (1J)
Luella H (1J) Lilli-Rose N (1D) Flynn L (1T)
Indigo W (1D) Judah S (1J) Holly K (1/2K)
Lilli H (2M) Avery F (2S) Kalleen V(2M)
Kobe W (2S) Piper A (2M) Baradyne F (2S)
Sophia M (2S) Bede S (3D) Scarlett M (3D)
Skye K (3D) Djurali F (3/4H) Sienna M (3D)
Nell F (3/4H) Matilda P (1D) Kian M-C (1/2K
Laila A (4M) Charlize S (4D) Georgia T (5K)
Reef S-P (5K) Tabitha S (5B) Sailei G (6A)
Shadon M-C (3D) Tyson M (2S) Kalani H (1D)
Benjamin S (1T) Dylan S (3/4H) Molly R (KE)

Principal Awards

C:\Users\nmunro6\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\63E3JWFJ\stock-vector-vector-illustration-of-gold-shiny-trophy-144273334[1].jpg

  • Caleb J (1T)
  • Dylan S (3/4H)

100 Nights of Reading


Nicole C Luka T Lawson M Ashlea G Leo Abby T
Bailey B Indi C Peter K Indigo T Antonia Jackson T
Jacob K Benjamin S Florence L Molly R Oliver Adam K
Olivia W Mannix H Daisy Violet M
1D 2S Byron A Jefferson Marvin V
Eiliena T Indiana K Alice A Cherie K

150 Nights of Reading

2M 1T KA
Joseph G Summer R Oliver
Lucian M Ella P KE
Ashton Memphis M

Education Week

This year for Education Week the theme is learning together. As the year has unfolded, we as a community have certainly learned many lessons. We have been very grateful for our staff, students, parents and the wider community for their continued support for education and our students. Unfortunately we cannot have families visit classrooms this year but the whole school has worked together to create a short film so you can still be invited virtually into our classrooms. If you would like to have a look please visit our Facebook page this week.

Science Week

MAD Scientist Week

Mad Scientist Transparent Background Clip Art at ...

Because we loved it so much last year, we’re celebrating National Science Week in week 5 by holding a Mad Scientist Week here at CPS.

Each day will start off with an exciting science demonstration or investigation. Students will have the opportunity to hear from people who work in the field of science, can sign up for lunchtime science activities and will participate in 4 different science activities during the middle session on Thursday. Every student will also receive a simple investigation ‘take-home’ pack.

It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be educational and it’s going to be MAD!

  • Do you work in the science field? We’d love to hear from you. If you would like to be a part of Mad Scientist Week by talking to a class or a grade about what you do, please contact Miss Gant

SRC Semester Two

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as Semester Two student representatives.

1D Lilli-Rose N

1J Cooper B

1T Ella P

1/2K Gabrielle G

2M Koby H

2S Kobe W

3D Indiana S

3T Jay Mulhane

3/4H Colin M

4D Genn O’T

4M Luanna C

5B Olivia M

5K Reef SP

Congratulations to the Semester One SRC representatives will also retain their position as a class representative for the remainder of the year.


Kindergarten Enrolments for 2021

Information regarding children who will start Kindergarten next year is now available. Please call the office to register your child’s name for 2021.

Parents are also requested to complete the Department of Education enrolment form which is available on the school website. The form can be completed and emailed to

Please note the information evening planned for Wednesday 12th August has been cancelled due to health protocols. Further details regarding the Term 4 Kindergarten transition sessions will be sent prior to the events.


Road Safety

A reminder to take care at drop off and pick up time. Please take time to read the Road Safety information included in the newsletter.

School/Home Communication

Cronulla Public School uses a range of sources to communicate with parents. If you are unclear on an activity or event please see the following modes of communication: school website (the school monthly newsletter can be found here along with notes), facebook page, Cronulla Catchup (sent our via email every Thursday), Schoolbag app and notes home. If you are unable to find the information you are after, please contact the school office.

Contacting Teachers

Requests for appointments with teachers can be made directly with the teacher or via the school office or email

Mobile Phone Use

Mobile phone use is not permitted by students on the school premises. Mobile phones must be switched off and remain in students bags. If you need to contact your child for urgent matters during school hours can be achieved by telephoning the school office on 02 9523 5098.

Anaphylaxis and Allergies

A reminder that students are asked to not bring nuts or products containing nuts to school. Students bringing such products to school will be respectfully asked to take them home again.

Write for Fun competition

Congratulations to Lucian M from 2M who recently entered the nationwide writing competition. Lucian’s short story earned him an excellence in writing award. Out of 7000 entrants only 340 students received this award. Lucian’s story will now be published.

Lucian is dedicated and passionate about the craft of writing and thoroughly deserves this acclaim. Well done Lucian!

C:\Users\sross24\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\49QWK40Z\20200727_144313 (1).jpg

Library News


Book Week

CBCA Store. CBCA Book Week Poster 2020

Due to Covid-19, Book Week has officially been moved to Term 4. At this stage, we are hoping to run both the Book Fair and the Book Character Parade during week 4 of next term. Students will still be exploring shortlisted books during library time this term and next. ‘Book of the Year’ winners are announced in week 2 of term 4.

Story and Surprise

Story and Surprise is up and running again this term, inviting up to 50 interested Kindergarten and Year 1 students to the Library during second half lunch on a Monday. We read a great story and children receive a little ‘surprise’ to remind them of the story.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

It has been a tricky year so far with the Premier’s Reading Challenge. There is still plenty of time left though so get reading and add books to Student Reading Records.

The Challenge does not finish until August 28th and we have so many students who could easily complete it in this time. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Look who’s 40!

The Paper Bag Princess 40th anniversary edition: Munsch, Robert ...

The Paper Bag Princess is a children’s book written by Robert Munsch and illustrated by Michael Martchenko. It was first published in 1980 by and launched Munsch’s career. The story reverses the princess and dragon stereotype. Since it was first published in 1980 it has sold more than seven million copies worldwide.

Did you know?… Robert Munsch was asked by his publishers to change the ending of the book!

Stage 1 Literacy Trail

As part of the celebrations for ‘The Paper Bag Princess’, Stage 1 are participating in a Literacy Trail in week 4. In groups, the students will follow fairy tale and nursery rhyme clues to find pieces of The Paper Bag Princess book to assemble.

Happy Reading

Miss Gant

Term 3 Sport

Run Club

For the duration of Term 3, students will record their run and log their distances using the webpage. On this webpage the students will be placed into groups (K-2 Run Club and 3-6 Run Club) and compete in a virtual race around Australia with approximately 70 other schools from around the country. They will begin from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and make their way North in an anti-clockwise direction. Students will be able to ‘stop’ and view content at different landmarks learning about new places along the way. Student distances will be combined weekly so that they will be able to see their progress as they make their way around Australia.

Students in K-2 will be given a log book where they are able to record the date, distance and who they ran with. This log book will be collected weekly at school and input into the webpage with the assistance of Mr Turner and student leaders.

Students in 3-6 will be given direct access to the webpage and taught how to log the distances themselves. Mr Kenny and student leaders will then check the data and confirm their entries.

There are no limits on how many times that you run each week. We encourage all students to be as active as possible whilst maintaining their safety at all times.

We thoroughly look forward to a new way of doing things and hope that all involved enjoy the process.

If you have any questions at all, please email Mr Turner (K-2) or Mr Kenny (3-6).

Premier’s Sporting Challenge

The 10 week Premier’s Sporting Challenge started this term, with Cronulla Public School participating in a new initiative to the Department of Education, Race Around Australia. Students were added to their class and school team before beginning the virtual race by completing one of the two courses marked out on the school grounds.

After completion of a run, aerobic or body weight workout, students or classroom teacher have logged their distance covered via the Race Around Australia app with an accumulated class and school total being registered. Each class has been tracking their distance covered on the map and visit along the way while monitoring the progress of other participating schools.

After Week 1, there have been some amazing results. Cronulla Public School has been recgonised for it’s outstanding effort by registering the most of classes and is sitting in second place on the leaderboard after making it to Crescent Head on the state Mid North Coast. The top 5 classes on the school Leaderboard are;

  1. 4D (150km)
  2. 3/4H (104km)
  3. The Mighty 2M (95km)
  4. 2S (50Km)
  5. KC (10km)

Congratulations to the following students, who as a result of being a Sport House Captain or Vice-Captain have been named Premier’s Sport Challenge Ambassadors. This is an amazing Sport Leadership position, allowing the students’ to encourage their teachers and peers to utilise the Premier’s Sporting Challenge as a platform to continue living a fit and healthy lifestyle. The students’ will be awarded their badge over the coming days.

  1. Bella A
  2. Solomon B
  3. Freya E
  4. Xavier F
  5. Saulei G
  6. Isaac H
  7. Asha H
  8. Eyerus H
  9. Olivia M
  10. Josh M
  11. Rimu O
  12. Tane R
  13. Blake S
  14. Tyla S
  15. Sophie W
  16. Thomas W

Regards, Mr Dean

Sutherland to Surf

In very exciting news the Wanda Surf Life Saving Club will be hosting a virtual Sutherland to Surf. The Tradies Virtual S2S will be held over the weekend of 7th, 8th and 9th August 2020.

The rules are simple, you can run or walk the Tradies Virtual S2S on the course of your choice, from any location, at your own pace. You can even take the dog with you or do it on a treadmill.

Mr McKimm has created a team called: Cronulla Public School that you can join when you register online. By signing up you can achieve a personal challenge, aim for a personal best time, or simply enjoy participating with family and friends.

This year there are three events to choose from:

– Tradies 11km Classic

– Veolia Family 5km

– Macca’s Junior 2km Dash

If interested, families will need to register online and the cost for an individual entry to all events is $20. As mentioned you can complete your run anywhere and to have your results known and published the surf club is encouraging runners to share their run on social media by tagging @sutherland2surf, @s2s_wandaslsc and use the hashtag #tradiesS2.

If you are competing please let Mr McKimm know so he can keep a record of Cronulla Public School Runners.

Performing Arts Term 3

All Performing Arts groups have now resumed. Please see the office if you have any queries.

Band Recruitment for 2021

Due to the current restrictions with Covid-19 Engadine Music has revised the recruitment process for 2021 with the move towards online application.

The process will involve a short meeting with all Year 3 students to be held by the Conductor in week 6 – Tuesday at 9:30 – in lieu of the normal recruitment concert and give an encouraging and exciting introduction to the band, including demonstrating an instrument themselves or having a Yr 6 student play something. Students will be handed the information letter along with a brochure and parents will be required to go to the Engadine Music website to register their interest in BandTime via personalised school links. There will also be a video presentation demonstrating the instruments available for students and parents to view at home.

In week 8 on Tuesday at 11am, 2 representatives of BandTime will attend the school to meet with ONLY those students who have applied online. The presentation will be shown again then each child will be spoken with and assessed for physical characteristics. Students will be asked to choose 3 instruments which we agree to be suitable choices.

At this stage Engadine Music has not set dates for parent meetings or showcase concerts as these will depend on the current situation and will be discussed with schools later this term.

Lego Club

Students in K to 2 are able to attend Lego Club on Tuesdays at lunchtime. They are to eat their lunch first and then line up outside the hall nearest the Year One demountable. Due to appropriate supervision ratios, only 50 students will be permitted to enter. Any student who misses out will receive a token allowing them to attend the following week.

Students in 3 to 6 now have the opportunity to attend Lego Club. Their session is scheduled for Wednesday lunchtimes and the same attendance procedures apply.

If your child has a genuine passion for Lego and is interested in becoming the next Lego Master, please encourage them to attend.

Chess Club

​Students in 3 to 6 have the opportunity to attend Chess Club on Thursdays at Lunchtime. Only 30 players will be able to be admitted and at this stage players with previous experience are invited to attend.

Mr McKimm will be holding a school based tournament later in the term.

Beginner players are encouraged to let their teacher know that they are interested in learning and Mr McKimm will consider introducing a Chess training sessions on Fridays at Lunch.

2nd Hand Uniforms for sale

Excellent quality 2nd Hand uniforms are available at very reasonable prices.Lots of sizes 6 an 8 and girls 2nd hand uniforms.

Please contact Leanne 0414912601

100 Days of Kindergarten

Kindergarten celebrated their 100 days of learning with the most amazing, fun filled day dressed as 100 year olds! What a day they had. Pass the parcel, senior citizen discos, cupcakes, name writing races, macaroni necklaces, crowns, balloon bopping, bald heads, perms, glasses, walking sticks and frames, and LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN.











Calendar Update

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Keeping our Kids Safe Around Schools – Road Safety

Download/view the brochure.